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—-Instructions to upload a news letter!!! Must Follow !!!—

  1. Each News letter is Newest to Oldest From TOP to BOTTOM. That being said you need to add the brand new “news letter” Image At the very top of this Editor
  2. As you can see each image has a dot to the left meaning it belongs in a list, so all you need to do is click left of the top image and then hit enter to make a new List section for your brand new Image!
  3. When you see the new empty list section with a dot above the top image farthest to the left. Click next to the dot then upload your image. Make Sure the image is set to none and the Primary displayed image is set to center for alignment.
  4. Once done, The Image Must Be Linked To A PDF (Or any url)
  5. To Link a URL to a image,You can simply add a url link in the ,,simply click on the image and select the pencil edit button. Then select “LINK URL” , after that select the custom link option and type or paste your Full PDF url.
  6. Next, just type the short caption right side of the image, Example “August 2016”.
  7. If these steps are followed correctly, you wont have to worry about updating any other images that are related to this news letter page!!!